Also give my greetings to the church that meets in their home…
Romans 16:5 NLT

From Pastor Walter…

I have some very exciting news to share with you. As a result of Garden Valley Collegiate not being available for us to use at this time, God has given us a great plan that will produce great growth and great fruit in us corporately and individually. 

Starting September 13th rather than meeting all together every week we will meet in homes Sunday mornings, approximately three or four families per home. The first Sunday of every month we plan to have a service all together in a venue to be announced.

We know that church is people, not a building. The church functioning is more important than where the church meets. Church can meet in homes (Romans 16:5) with tremendous potential for spiritual growth and growth in numbers. 

The Sunday morning service will be live-streamed (with worship and a message that will equip you to win in life) for each home group to watch and participate in together. Then there will be opportunity for groups to pray together, share testimonies and fellowship with one another. 

Kids will be with their parents for home group on Sunday mornings. SKA leaders may provide (yet to be determined) things for the younger children to do during the home group meeting. 

We see a great opportunity in this season for us to focus on missions (personal evangelism) and fellowship (a sharing of our lives with one another). There are friends and neighbors who we can connect with and witness to during the week and then invite to our home groups. Home groups would change after 8 weeks or so. In 6 months we will evaluate the whole thing. 

This will take many of us out of our comfort zones but that’s a good thing. We all want to grow and make a great impact and often this requires getting out of our comfort zones.

Here’s a simple outline of what this will look like. 

On Sunday August 30th we will provide registration cards for everyone to fill out indicating your desire to be in a home group, whether your home is available for a group to meet in and/or whether you’d be interested in facilitating (providing leadership for) a home group. 

At this point the plan is to continue with youth and Bible school meetings during the week at locations still to be determined. 

This is an exciting opportunity we have to grow deep and to grow large. God is saying to us “move forward.” This is a great plan that will move us forward together. We can do all things through Christ which strengthens us. 

Our vision is to change the world with the love of God. Together we are accomplishing this vision. Every day we have opportunities to add value to others and to serve others with words and actions that demonstrate the love of Christ.

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact me either by text (204-331-4182) or email.

Pastor Walter